Why Do I Write…?

Why do I write…? Thinking about this question, I believe I write because I want to express a part of myself which speech cannot fully portray. I love the prints. Reading comes easy. I am a man of few words. I love to listen and I love to read. I also believe writing is a lasting legacy of a man’s thought and ideas. It lives on long after he has passed on. Writing also to me is an embalming process. Preserving your thoughts for ages to come. I know my writing has the wings to travel far and reach more people than expressing my thoughts and ideas by speech which I do not want to force down on people but in a way helping to shape the world in a way I feel is right.

I am a teacher, a photographer. I love the arts. I love nature. I love life. I see a lot of things and hear so much that it waters my mind and heart. I love to teach. I want to shout it out to the world, but alas!, my voice can only reach far. Here’s the catch! My writing, a record of my inner triumphs, persecutions, thoughts and beliefs can go farthest. I write to share. I write to teach all I have gained through my life sojourn. Perhaps, it would make the path of those coming behind smoother and more easier to travel.  It may not seem to be the “Gettysburg’s Address” but it is an expression of a simple and an uncomplicated me…

I write to unburden my heart and soul. They say,”A problem shared is half solved.” Sometimes I write how I feel and when the words flow out and take form, I feel light and unburdened. I know someone somewhere gets to read it. That enough is soothing. The reader could either offer an advise, solution or probably learn and grow from what I have written.

The advance in technology has brought about a profound development in literary awareness. I want to take advantage of this 21st century magic! Technology! I want to share with the world and this century is the era to start!

Once again, Why do I write…?

I write to share……

I write to teach…..



  1. Reblogged this on Happiness Between Tails by da-AL and commented:
    Why do you write? For me, within weeks of learning to hold an oversized pencil, I was using printed words to make sense of my six-year-old world. Akintunde Akinsola proudly teaches in SW Nigeria. His blog esteems and supports teachers.

    Here he answers the question …

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  2. Hi Akintunde,

    I can totally relate to this. I blog for all of the same reasons that you have so thoughtfully outlined. I, too, am a man of few words. I have a typical introvert and speaking (especially not publicly) does not come naturally to me. Blogging has given me a voice. It is my platform to express myself. Just like you said, I start typing and more ideas just flow out of my fingertips. It is a wonderful thinking and reflective process.

    I’m so pleased that you’re also benefiting from it.



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    1. Thank you Adam. It is a great world out here and I am glad I could share it with creative and analytical minds.
      Here’s to that vast ocean of knowledge and thoughts in us. I pray it never runs dry.

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