GUEST Post – Tanzania: where it all began

‘Where it all began.’ This statement opens a floodgate of memories. Memories induced by this super-interesting blog-post of Adam’s. Adam is a great 21st century teacher teaching overseas. He shares how his teaching career began…. You can also check out his blog at

Mr. Hill's Musings

One of my favourite things about reading blogs is that, over time, I really get to know the authors. I hope that my blog’s readers feel like they know me increasingly. With this in mind, I would like to share my story of how my teaching career began. My first teaching post (kind of) was actually in Tanzania (East Africa). I’m delighted to say that I will go back to Tanzania for a holiday next week, ten years after I left. I can’t put into words how excited I am!

A teenage, fresh-faced and unqualified Mr. Hill

In 2004/05, I was in my first year at Huddersfield New College, “studying” for AS Levels. A teacher at college named Mick Callaghan was organising his annual exchange programme in collaboration with Moshi Technical School (a local secondary school in Tanzania). The programme included a three-week visit to Moshi and then, a few…

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